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Real Agrado Rose

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This wine is made with carefully selected, healthy, ripe Garnacha Tinta grapes. After a brief maceration in the tanks at low temperature, the must, initially colourless, spends 14 hours in contact with the skin, which lends it its colour. It is then bled by gravity from certain tanks specially prepared for this kind of wine.

In order to ensure that the must we obtain is clean, we perform cold settling. Fermentation takes place in a special tank in which we can control the rate of the process by using low temperatures. It takes place at between 15-18 ºC, after adding specially selected yeast that causes the sugar content in the must to double. Once the wine has been cleaned and stabilized, it is bottled and is ready to serve.

Best served at a temperature of 8 - 10 º C, it combines with creative pastas, pizzas or salads, sausage meats, various green salads, poultry roasts and white fish. Ideal for aperitifs and early evening drinks.

Real Agrado Rose


为了保证葡萄原浆的清洁,我们进行冷沉淀操作,发酵步骤在特定的储存地完成,那里可以通过施加低温,对整个过程的发展进行控制,接下来,在15-18 ºC的条件下发酵,通过事先特别选择的酵母,可以是原浆内的糖分全面吸收,在对葡萄酒完成清洁和均衡操作之后,可以将其灌装至酒瓶中,供客人消费。

这款酒的最佳饮用温度是8 /10 º C,可以和面食(匹萨或沙拉),香肠,各种蔬菜沙拉,烤禽肉,鱼肉等共同食用,是理想的开胃菜和上半夜的夜宵。

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Real Agrado Tinto

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The result of a combination of Garnacha and Tempranillo grapes, this wine offers fruity sensations of raspberry, liquorice and strawberry, both in its bouquet and on the palate. It is the product of a tried and tested gentle wine-making process performed at our own facilities, which is specially designed to extract the special qualities of the fruit and the local earth from the grapes.

After its time in the winery tanks during which it is racked periodically to allow it to evolve naturally, the wine is moved to the bottle where its journey continues. This is a fresh, smooth, well-structuredwine that is in no way aggressive and is easy to drink.

Serve at a temperature of 15ºC as an aperitif or by itself purely for pleasure. It combines with pasta dishes, with different kinds of sauce, the whole wide range of pizzas, game birds, grilled white meats and mild cheeses.

Real Agrado Tinto



可在15 ºC的温度下饮用,作为开胃酒或正式饮品,可以佐餐意大利面,辅之以不同类型的调味料,几乎所有您能想得到的匹萨,禽鸟肉类,烤白肉以及软奶酪。

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Conde del Real Agrado

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Wine made in our wineries with Garnacha, Tempranillo, Mazuelo and Graciano grapes from our own vineyards. It is important that the grapes are ripe and healthy. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature with several pump-overs and rack-and-returns to enhance its aromatic sensations and its high level of colour.

After 12 months in American and French Oak barrels, during which it is racked every 4/6 months, it is bottled to begin the ageing process, during which its main qualities are obtained. This wineshould be served at a temperature of 16 – 18ºC.

It goes well with game stews, grilled red meats, blue fish and hearty bean stews

Conde del Real Agrado


随后将在美国和法国橡木桶中保存12个月,期间每隔4/6个月需进行换桶操作,将葡萄酒灌装到瓶内,继续熟化的进程,从而获得完美的品质,其饮用的最佳温度为16/18 ºC


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Prepared in our winery with selected, healthy, ripe grapes from our vineyards in Aldeanueva de Ebro and Alfaro.

During the first phase of the process the fermenting must is subjected to special static maceration at low temperature. Later, in the same tank, alcoholic fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature. This control is relaxed at the end of the process with the mass inside the tank reaching 29ºC, so as to ensure better extraction, uptake and fixing of the qualitative components of the grape into the wine.

In this wine we use a mixture of Graciano, Tempranillo, Mazuelo and Garnacha grape varieties, about 25% each. The wine is aged in specially toasted American and French Oak barrels for 14 months. It is then put into a bottle to mature and has a long life in front of it. 

It is best served at a temperature of 17-18ºC. Due to its distinctive structure, this wine combines well with red meats, barbecued blue fish, various cooked game dishes and strong cheeses.


其加工过程是在我们的酒窖内完成的,选用我们位于埃布罗新村市和阿尔法罗市的葡萄园中健康、成熟的葡萄进行加工。第一阶段中,在较低的环境温度下,对发酵物质进行静态浸泡,随后,在同一个储存地内,酒精发酵在控制温度下进行,在这一工艺的尾声,置于容器内部的所有物质都将得到释放,温度达到29 º C,目的是使其组成部分能得到更好的提取、融合及固定,从葡萄转化为美酒。

们选用了歌海娜,添帕尼优,马士罗和格拉西亚诺的组合,每一品种约占25%。在其酿制过程中,置于新的美国和法国橡木桶中,运用特殊工艺加工14个月,随后被灌装到酒瓶内进行充分的熟化,已获得更长的生命。最佳饮用温度在17-18 º C


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